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Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door: Products and Reviews (2020 Update)

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The chicken doors play an important role for your feather flocks by providing safety from predators. As a chicken owner, you must always be concerned about the well-being and secure life of your chicks. Many types of chicken coop doors are available on the market that serves different kinds of facilities. Here in this post, I will take you to the gallery of the solar chicken coop that does not require electricity to carry out its functioning.

Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

You will find solar powered chicken coop door high as they work with the help of sun rays.

Let me make you familiar with the features of different types of solar chicken door. All these products enjoy specific characteristics. You can choose any of the products whichever suits the requirements of your chicken.

1. Coop Tender Solar Internet Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

Coop Tender Solar Internet Automatic Chicken Coop DoorIt is an solar powered door that opens for your chickens in the early morning and closes in the evening. Your precious feather flocks can enjoy flexibility by scheduling their opening and close time. You will find that carpentry is organized in proper order that is perfectly predator proof.

  • It takes account of the 10-watt solar panel with 12v 5 Ah SLA battery. This door is solar driven which is programmable.
  • The door is operated with the help of solid steel screw which is 5/8 inches. In the dark, you can check the status of your coop door due to LED lights.
  • Your chicks will be saved in chill weather programmable freeze protect technology.
  • It features programmable digital electronic controller which is of low power that results in reduced long-term operating cost.

You can have internet Wi-Fi module which is dealt separately. In any position whether vertical or horizontal, this door can be operated. It is fully assembled that requires simple setting. The non-toxic naturally friendly wood is used, so you don’t have to reapply.


2. Auto Door Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

Auto DoorThe easy installation of Auto Door will make you free from the opening and closing of the coop. You will experience peace of mind by its excellent working and simple programming. From clock time, the open/close times can be set with the help of the timer mode.

  • It offers a “second chance” option along with four operating modes that is dawn/dusk, the timer device, guide and override.
  • The open/close times can be set on the daily basis due to sunrise/sunset mode that makes use of location and user offsets.
  • The great benefit is that this door will not rust or rot due to the welded frame of heavy duty aluminum door. It is fully predator proof.
  • You can purchase the plug and play kit separately. It features 4 AA batteries, solar power or power-driven.
  • The frame is made up of composite material that fits 10.5” inches wide and 12” inches tall gateway.

The cover will not crack or break as it is made up of super-strong polycarbonate. It has concealed motor which has the one-year warranty. You will not find any hanging wires on the motor. The high-quality timber is used to make this door. The wood will be protected from exterior elements like rain, snow or moisture as it is treated with linseed oil.


3. Cheeper Keeper Solar Powered chicken coop door

Cheeper Keeper automatic chicken coop doorYou don’t require adjustments in Cheeper Keeper automatic chicken coop door as it opens and closes at the correct levels of light. It is meant for outdoor use which is made in Germany for Cheeper Keeper USA. Your dear feather flocks will be saved and secured from dusk to dawn with the help of this solid door.

  • It features 4 AA batteries that will serve many years with limited lifetime warranty.
  • In this solar-powered door, you don’t require the electrical outlet, cords, complex wiring as it opens at sunrise and closes at evening.
  • It holds steel geared motor in the watertight unit. The stainless steel door measures 8.5”x 13” which you will find apt for all standard breeds.
  • It uses AXT- electronic components that provide reliability. If the door gets blocked, then for 3 minutes it will allow chicks to pass due to auto motor-stop.
  • It will keep out dirt, dust, ammonia gases and UV. You will find tremendously rough housings, seals, and UV protection. The SMT is three-way polished which is lightning strike-proof.

You can gain the idea about installation from the diagrams, videos, live online provision, and instructions. The kit includes every necessary item. You can make use of this door with solar panels or with the battery of 6-12volt. The unified technology is used in manufacturing this coop door.


4. Coop Tender Bundle Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

Coop Tender Bundle Solar Automatic Chicken Coop DoorThe Coop Tender Bundle will open your door in the morning and close it in the evening due to its pre-programming. The power usage is reduced due to microcontroller digital electronic technology. In one minute it opens and closes.

  • It contains internet Wi-Fi and predator motion module.
  • It is solar driven and features 10 Watt solar panel and 12v 5 Ah SLA battery.
  • You can get alerts through SMS and email. From your internet IP cameras, you can view stream video due to coop webcam.
  • Your chicken door will be automatically open and close with the help of high torque gear drive motor.

In the dark check the status of your coop door with the aid of LED lights. No need to worry about the position as you can operate it in any position. Cables and strings are not required, and you don’t have to put anything together as it is fully assembled.

So, these were the best solar-powered coop doors. The next product is the best accessory kit you should get to make your chicken coop door fully functional.


5. Coop Auto Door SOLAR-7.4 Kit

Coop Auto Door SOLAR-7.4 KitYou will enjoy easy setup of Coop Auto Door as you can install it without facing any major issues. If your solar powered door still depends on costly power batteries, then you must look for solar-powered chicken coop door which will continuously charge the assimilated rechargeable battery unit. The great thing is that you won’t have to face the issues of battery replacements.

  • The plug and play functions are well-suited with all coop auto door products.
  • You need the self-reliant rising bracket to attach the solar panel to the wall, or you can stake it in the ground.
  • The conditions of charging, full charge, and the low battery will be directed by the rechargeable battery that contains flashing indicators.
  • In the kit, you will find all the essential mounting hardware and cables.  
  • It measures 16-ft from panel to battery cable and 3-ft from the rechargeable battery to coop auto door.

With this product, you will get the solar kit in which no assembly is required. You will get the idea of charge level with the help of LED lights. Its productivity power is 7.4v. Your chicks will get accustomed to it within few days.


How to Decide Which Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door is for You?

There are so many options for Solar-powered coop doors in the market that one is bound to get confused on which one to buy. But don’t worry I will make it a little easy for you by mentioning the features that you should check for when you are purchasing a coop door.

  • First and the foremost feature to check is the way it functions. It should be easy to use for you as well as the other members who will operate the system when you are away.
  • Check it’s settings for the range of temperatures and see to if it fits in your criteria.
  • Another significant feature is the size of the coop door. See to it that it is of the size that you are looking for.
  • Also consider if it gives protection against dirt, dust, and sun rays as it is helpful for the chickens.
  • The process of installation should also be checked thoroughly to understand if the coop door will be installed correctly on your farm or not.
  • Do not forget to check the control box, operating mechanism, door weight, warranty and the customer care of the coop door.
  • Check all the features and select the fits best in size specifications and operating mechanism that you need.
  • The last but not the least check if it fits in your budget before making the purchase.

All the above-mentioned solar chicken door will make your work easy. You can make use of power but as all products are solar powered so you can depend on solar energy to give safe life to your chicks. As a poultry owner, you prefer reliable things for your valuable chickens so from this post you can rely on any of the products which will act as the shield for the chickens.

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