How to Transport Chickens – Find the Exact Ways

How to Transport Chickens

At times the issue of chicken transportation occurs due to a couple of reasons like shifting or selling of the poultry farm or may be due to some other specific reason.

Sometimes poultry farm owners carry portable chicken coops while traveling. Before moving you have to look after appropriate preparations so that the transportation task can be carried out smoothly.

If you are unaware of the ideas about chicken transport, then no need to worry at all. This post will provide the exact ways with which you should be acquainted with to perform the task of chicken transportation.

How to Transport Chickens?

It is very much essential to have knowledge and understanding regarding how to transport chickens as these species are delicate and should be handled with proper care. Let’s move ahead to explore the information on the same.

1) Arrange Cardboard File Box

At the bottom of the cardboard box attached with lids, you should place some straws. After that, you keep your feathery flock in it. Make sure that top should be fastened securely so that chicks do not escape from the box and make the mess outside.


2) Make Air Holes

The cardboard file box should possess air holes on it so that chickens can enjoy proper breathing along with some fresh air.

air holes

3) Take Help of Pet Carrier

You can use the pet carrier or large laundry basket and make use of blanket or sheet to cover it. The wired brooder will also work as the chicken carrier box.

chicken carrier

4) Set Collapsible File Boxes

You can opt collapsible file boxes in which you can arrange shavings. The holes in the box will serve as the handles which in turn provide ventilation to your flocks. Make sure you tape the top poop.

5) Use Small cages

You can use dog crates or small cages to carry your chicks from one place to another. If it is long distance traveling, then arrange water and some foodstuff in the cage.

small cages

6) Put Water and Treats

Place water and treats in the cage if the trip is of longer duration. You can provide food high water content treats like watermelon or cucumber slices, or cabbage leaves will also work. All these are the excellent source of water content which will keep your flocks hydrated. Proper care will help in maintaining the health of your loving chicks.

chicken food with water

7) Create Comfortable Surrounding

Make use of natural remedies like lavender or lemon balm which will keep away the flies which in turn provide the comfy environment for your chicks. These herbal remedies will provide the peaceful setting to your valued flocks. During traveling, you organize the surroundings in such a way that it avoids the stress of the chicks and make their journey full of joy.

Chicken Transport is Easy!!

All these tactics will help you immensely in chicken transportation. They are essential guidelines which will make your chicken transport task simple and easy. You can rely on these tips without any confusion. For the safer side, keep one thing in mind that the area to which you are transferring your flocks must be free from avian flu as it is the pathetic situation that can put the life of your chicken in danger. So it would be better to gather the detailed and proper information about the place where your chicks will be going to reside.

As a caretaker, it is vital to keep an eye on your chickens while traveling just to be informed about their wellbeing. In case you sense something doubtful or improper during traveling then you should make a proper, thorough investigation just to make sure that all your chicks are enjoying healthy condition in the chicken carrier box.

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