How to Take Care of Chickens in Your Backyard

How to Take Care of Chickens in Your Backyard

If you are fond of chickens and they stay in your company, then you must be concerned about the care and upkeep of these amazing species. You can enjoy happy and healthy chickens with proper love and care. The lovely flock of chickens will find their place in your heart and backyard. Now the question is how to take care of your chickens? To answer this in a satisfactorily way, I will provide you with crucial guidelines which will help you for taking care of chickens by looking after your feathered companions.

  • The arrangement of sufficient space – Make sure that you make proper arrangement of outdoor space for chickens and placing of the coop. These creatures should have at least 10 square feet of space outdoor.
  • Plan your expenses– You should make planning beforehand for the cost of purchase as they are not cheap, their feeding expense, appropriate coop, fresh, clean bed and few extra things to make them comfortable.
  • Form Schedule– It is important to make the proper schedule so that everything is organized systematically. Make the schedule daily for their feeding, cleaning their coop, collecting their eggs, refilling their water containers and checking predators to save your chickens.
  • Clean Nest boxes– If you find soiled bedding due to broken eggs then pull out the wet part and make the arrangement of fresh bedding material.
  • Fresh and cleanse waterers– Use warm water or dish soap to scrub the waterers. Sanitize with sanitizing solution depending on how much is the requirement.
  • Protection in winters– In winters, it requires then arrange heaters for your waterers. Have roosting space for your flocks. Be aware that chicken coop should not be heated. You should also use the top-quality automatic chicken coop door to protect your beloved birds from the predators.
  • Keep updates– You should keep yourself informed about how to look after your chicken by taking help of online websites, blogs, forums, various books on chicken wellbeing, even you can gather information from chicken owners.
  • Observe them – You should spend some time with the flock to make sure that they are healthy. Look for their bright eyes, smooth features, active and alert activities.
  • Feed your flock– For caring for chickens, you have to be very much concerned about their fresh drinking water. You have to take care according to the seasons. In scorching summer days, you have to check twice a day. Provide your chickens with healthy nutritious diet so that they can lay quality eggs. You can provide yummy healthy treats like pumpkin seeds, corn cobs, raisins and grapes and apple chunks.
  • Offer fun and freedom – Chickens have the tendency to explore their territory so allow them to be free. Research reveals that eggs are indeed healthier of free range chickens so give them freedom.

Crucial points to be thought for the proper stay of your chicken

Decide the age and purpose of owning chicken and get the knowledge about how to take care of chickens before buying them. You can go for fertilized eggs, chicks, pullets or laying hens in accordance to your requirements. It is also good if you choose the breed of your chicken in advance so that you can make out which breed will give you more profit and pleasure.

Keeping Chickens have their pros and cons. The positive points of having chicken are that they get relieved from pests, serve as the good source of fertilizers, provide you with fresh eggs, and you will enjoy their great company and pleasing to watch. But at the same time, you have to spend a lot of money and time to take care of them. They occupy the lot of space in your garden, but on the whole, these feathered flocks are enjoyable birds to raise.

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