How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens?: Train Your Pooch

How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens

Do you owe chicken and dog at your home? If both of these pets are in your home, then you must be concerned about your pooch’s training. No need to worry at all, if your four-legged friend is trying to eat your feathery flocks. Here I will let you know the effective ways regarding how to stop a dog from killing chickens which in turn will not only save the life of your precious chickens but will also keep your lovely pooch in the discipline.

How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens?

1. Inculcate the commands

Train your beloved doggie in what manner to sit and drop. To induce your pet, you can offer him some treats. Employ verbal praise so that it works as the reinforcement for your pet. It requires a lot of practice and patience on your part. With the persistent and positive attitude, you can teach good manners of sitting, standing and lying down in your Fido.Inculcate the commands

2. Teach to focus

You can employ the practice of classical conditioning in which some reinforcement is given to your furry friend. You can arrange the treat for your pet by associating it with some sound like of whistle or smacking noise. With proper practice and timing, you can teach your pooch. Be patient while training your dog to focus on you. Slowly and gradually your pet will learn the tactic of focusing. Practice the exercise for chickens around you so that your four-legged friend will not able to chase your flocks.Teach to focus

3. Arrange delicious treats

Provide tasty treats to your pet. You can go for steak, oven-cooked chicken livers, skinless and boneless chicken, freeze-dried liver and much more. Put small bites of the dog food in a fanny pack or treat pouch and wear it around your waist to make it handy. The tasty dog food will satisfy the hunger needs of your beloved pet.Arrange delicious treats

4. Role of harness

You can make use of a harness to keep your pet in the discipline. The harness featuring front attachment will help you to check the pulling and pouncing behavior of your dear pet. This training tool will allow you to instruct your doggie not to pull towards precious hatchlings.Role of harness

5. Threshold training

Ensure you go for threshold training for your pooch. Make him learn in what way he has to react with the chickens kept in the cage. Offer a treat while making him teach the instructions regarding his behavior towards lovely chickens. The gifts will motivate your Fido. You can make use of the instructions – “leave it” or “stay away” in a stiff voice.  Deal with your pet patiently. With time and practice, your pet will undoubtedly learn the acceptable behavior towards valuable flocks.Threshold training

6. Keep a distance

Create a gap between your dog and chickens. Pay attention that your canine does not have the unsupervised right of entry to the yard where your chicken coop is placed. You can keep your pet in control by putting him on a short leash or locking up the coop of your chickens to provide secure and safe stay.Keep a distance

7. Allow to concentrate

In your backyard, you can take your pooch on a short leash. Let your pet sit and uphold steady eye contact when your flocks are out of the coop. Make sure that the duration of the sessions should be short, and the focus of your pet should be entirely on you. It will help in gaining the concentration of your furry friend. In case your pet gets closer to your chickens, then without any delay cease the session.Allow to concentrate

8. Involvement of professional trainer

The skilled trainer can train your pet regarding how to behave around chickens in a controlled manner with the help of series of sessions. You can hire the skillful and proficient trainer for your pet by taking guidance from vets, specialists and local breeders as they all possess knowledge or idea about the same.Involvement of professional trainer

Let’s train your pooch

In this piece of informative writing, you will come to know how to break a dog from killing chickens. The tips mentioned above will help you to keep your pooch in discipline and simultaneously will provide secure stay to your flocks.

As a pet owner, you should restraint your faithful friend from wrongdoing and reward for desirable behavior. With your proper love and care, you can provide the comfortable stay to your dear pets.

Make your furry friend think that you are always watching him so that he stays away from the destructive act of killing or chasing other small animals. In case you observe the aggressive behavior of your furry friend, then immediately consult the dog behaviorist. All the psychological aspects like positive reinforcement and positive stimuli will develop a positive attitude in your pet.


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