How to Save a Baby Chick from Dying : Revive your Baby Chicks

How to Save a Baby Chick from Dying_

How to Save a Baby Chick from Dying?

If you have a poultry farm or planning to have one soon, it is vital to know the ways to save a baby chick. Apart from knowing the procedures for proper incubation and hatching the eggs, the information about keeping them healthy is necessary. Knowing all the precautions and tips will help you to revive your chick in case of emergencies.

baby chicks in poultry farmIn this article, we will discuss both the preventive measures as well as treatments to make your chicks stay healthy. Before discussing the precautions to avoid such conditions first, let’s have a look at the ways to revive your weak chicks.

Firstly isolate the weak or sick chick to give them proper care and extra attention. It also helps in preventing infection or disease if the chick is sick. Give such chicks more food and water as compared to the others. Take care of the following things to treat the chick:

1. Hydration

One of the most common reasons for weakness is chicks is dehydration and lack of electrolytes in them. When you suspect that the chick is showing a sign of weakness, first try giving them lukewarm water. After a while, feed them with water will added ions and electrolytes by mixing a vital pack. You can also mix a little amount of sugar to give energy to your little ones. 

2. Warmth

A chick needs an optimum temperature to survive. Start rubbing chicks to provide them with warmth. You can also use lamps to provide heat if you live in a cold region. The cage or brooder should be maintained at 95 degrees to keep the chicks active.

Injections and medicines to baby chicks

3. Injections and medicines

 If your chick is suffering from Coccidiosis or any other disease, then make sure to give them antibiotics or injections for the same. Take them to vets to get the proper diagnosis and feed them accordingly. In case there is an injury or wound, provide them with the treatment for the same.

4. Food

Like any other animal, food is of great importance for chicks too. Make sure to feed them properly with a nutritionally balanced diet. Incase your chick is not eating, mix plain curd with water and feed it to your chick. Also, for the chicks who are sick or unwell, feed them accordingly. Provide your chicks with medicated feed only in case of diseases.

5. Bedding and Brooder

The bedding can also be the cause of some disease or microbial infection. Make sure to disinfect the bedding before placing the chicks in the brooder or on bedding. Clean it thoroughly once in a while to avoid molds or bacterial infections. It is also essential to handle the chicks with care and be gentle with them.

So these are some of the ways to save your baby chick. If you face troubles while feeding them or giving water, then use a dropper for the same. Be careful with the handling and make sure they are eating well. 

Now that we know all the methods to treat your sick or weak chicks let’s have a quick look at the preventive measures to avoid such situations.

sick or weak chicksbaby chicks

  • Always buy chicks from a trustworthy resource.
  • Vaccinate your chicks to prevent diseases like Marek’s disease, Coccidiosis, etc.
  • Change the water regularly to prevent the growth of fungi or molds on it. Feed your chicks with fresh water only.
  • Monitor all the chicks and their behavior to take action in case of any issue quickly.
  • Give them sufficient water and food in intervals to keep them healthy.
  • Make sure that the bedding has a non-slipping material to avoid injuries and wounds to your chicks.
  • Sanitize the brooders or feeders before keeping the chick in it.
  • Keep a check on their temperature and provide them with heat when needed.

save a chickConcluding Remarks

The treatment methods and preventive measures are easy to follow. The chances of chicks suffering from weakness are higher after their hatching or shipping. Be careful while handling them and take all the biosafety measures. If there is no change in their condition, take them to vets without delay.

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