How to Make a Chicken Diaper?: Quickest & Easiest Way for DIY Diaper

How to Make a Chicken Diaper

We all have heard about the diapers, whether they are of toddlers, or the adults, or even for the dog. But have you ever heard that it is possible to dress up your chickens too, by some fancy diapers? Yes, you read it right! There are many fashionable diapers available for your chickens as nowadays; backyard farming is on the rise. Most of the people love chickens and why not! They are indeed beautiful and even the useful birds for the humans to keep.

In this article, I have given some ideas regarding the DIY chicken diapers. Undoubtedly, it is available in the market, and they are not so expensive, but why to spend even a small amount of money when you can make them at home, without putting many efforts, and all from the waste material! Here is the step by step guide on how you can make a chicken diaper!

How to Make a Chicken Diaper?

Making a chicken diaper is an easy task. You just have to gather few materials and then start creating it. You can also make them with some of your old stuff like socks. Let’s see a step by step guide to making some trendy chicken diapers.

Things you will need 

  • Soft material fabric
  • Thin elastic (which is easy to stretch)
  • Few buttons
  • Needle and thread/sewing machine

Step 1: Measurements

Take measurements. Measure the chicken well and note down the inches. You will need the measurements of the base of the tail to base of the neck., upper chest to vent, the width of the tail, and the diameter of neck. Cut out 3-inch square pieces out of the soft fabric and sew three sides together, flip right side out.


Step 2: Sewing

Sew the pouch onto one end of the chest piece. Also, sew the four elastic onto the four corners of the back piece and two buttons onto the front two elastic. After that, attach the back piece onto the chest piece by sewing the elastics onto the two front corners.Sewing

Step 3: Poop Pouch Preparation

As you have now sewed every material in place, now it’s time to line the pouch with paper towels. If you find them slippery on the selected fabric, you can also secure it with some tapes. The reason to put paper towels is that it can be removed or replaced easily. You don’t need to clean the whole cloth.

… and it’s ready!

After completing all the above steps, now the diaper is ready to stay on the chicken. Put the chicken’s head through the middle to elastics and bring the back piece over the head. The poop pouch should be set through the legs, and it must be buttoned. The chicken must have enough space around the neck to stay comfortable.

Poop Pouch Preparation

Chicken Diaper Patterns

Chicken Diapers is the best company which makes all kind of diapers for your chickens. Whether you have a small, Bantam sized chicken (7 to 8 inches) or the medium one with 9 to 10 inches, or even the extra large chicken size around 13 to 14 inches, you can get all diapers from here.

They provide many varieties. Some notable features and specifications are as under;

  • One can get plenty of colors and styles, which can make a chicken look more beautiful and fashionable.
  • These diapers are comfortable to put on chickens, washable, and reusable.
  • If just in case, you have ducks, you can also use the same diapers for them.
  • Diapers are made in the USA and assure you to bring your chickens indoors.
  • The material of the diapers is smooth enough to make the chicken comfortable. They are sewn well and look rich.

So, buy chicken diapers and find no more chicken crap all over the house as these diapers are specifically for chickens and ducks, professionally designed by the chicken experts.

How to Make a Chicken Diaper Out of a Sock?

If you want some urgent solutions, or if you do not know how to sew or how to use a sewing machine, no need to worry at all. You still can make DIY chicken diapers, just by using a small sock! How? Let me tell you about this easy to do method.

If you want to make a chicken diaper out of the socks, you just need a pair of scissors and a sock! You can also consider masking tape or paper towel if you want. Starting with the procedures, first of all, let me tell you that the part of the sock where we rest our toes is the one which will go down to the chicken’s body as a poop pouch.

Step 1: Now, cut ¼ width of the sock from the open area and follow the same procedure from the other side.

Step 2: Then follow it to the length and carefully cut the area where the toe part starts, maintaining the full cup. Do same on the other side. Now you will see a ‘T’ type shape on the sock; it is the part where the chicken’s back lies.

Step 3: After that, put a cut on one side of the toe sock, from where you can bring the tail feathers out. It is a necessary step, which should not be avoided to give comfort to the chicken.

That’s all, your DIY chicken diaper made from the old sock is entirely ready to be used. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that the strap should be easily stretchable. The elastic must be soft enough so that the chicken can bare it and will not get any harm from the sock. You can also take help of the masking tape.

So, these were the two methods by which you can make a chicken diaper easily at home. If you want to go out for the more extended period and might not get a chance to change the diaper, or want to sleep with your favorite chicken, then don’t forget to use paper towels so that you can dispose of it quickly.

I hope you have found this article useful and up to the mark to fulfill your expectations. Keep creating stylish chicken diaper to allow them into your house and still stay stress-free as you should not get any crap! You can also try the chicken doors to let them in and out. Enjoy your company with chickens by showering love, care, and healthy lifestyles!

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