How to Keep Duck Water Clean – Simple Steps to Duck Water Clean

How To Keep Duck Water Clean

Clean water is a need for every life on the planet. And, ducks are no exception. They love splashing around in water and having a gala time.

But, here we must understand that water has many more uses to ducks other than staying hydrated and playing. Ducks need water for multiple different purposes and the frustrating part is that their water gets dirty too soon and too much. 

Let’s walk through the details so that you understand better.

Reasons Why Ducks Need Water

  • Drinking: This is obvious but why we are mentioning it specifically to explain the consequences. If ducks have to go without clean water for even a short period of time, their egg laying capacity will be affected for weeks.
  • Eating: Ducks need water to wash their food down. Without water, they run the risk of choking.
  • Mating: Even though they can mate outside, they prefer water.
  • Cleaning: Ducks clean their bodies and their bills so that they have no parasites. And, of course, they need baths just like all of us.

How To Keep Duck Water Clean

How To Keep Duck Water CleanNow that you know the basics, let’s learn how to keep their water clean at all times. These tips are straight from our experts and are tried & tested.

  • To start off with, purchase a small pond that’s easy to maintain. There are some low maintenance ponds that you can choose.
  • Also, try to get a pond with a biofilter. This will keep the dirt out to a large extent.
  • Another good idea is to use barley straw to keep algae away. Keep in mind, though, that this method takes time. Barley straw extract can also have the same effect.
  • For them to drink from, you can have a separate bowl with an automatic filler, which provides fresh water as and when needed.
  • Check the pH level of the water regularly and keep it neutral – around 7. If it is too acidic or alkaline, you will need to clean the pool more often. 

One thing that you must remember is that duck ponds need regular cleaning. If you wait for them to get too dirty, they will be much harder to clean. It will also severely affect their health.

People also ask

1) Do ducks like clean or dirty water?

Ducks like clean water.

2) How often should I change my duck’s water?

Change drinking water once every day.

3) Can ducks take off without water?

No, they need water.

4) Do ducks poop in water?

Yes, they do.

5) Do ducks sleep in water?

Yes, most of the time, ducks like sleeping in water.

6) Do ducks drink a lot of water?

Yes, they can drink half a gallon of water per day.


Ducks dig into mud to find bugs and head over to their pond to eat the bugs and clean themselves. This is one of the reasons why their ponds tend to get very dirty. Keep them clean, though, is of vital importance. We hope this article helped you with the same. Should there be any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

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