How to Keep Chickens Off the Porch?: Best Ways Explained

How to Keep Chickens Off the Porch

If your chickens enter in your porch and try to make mess due to their poop, then it becomes difficult for you to manage cleanliness. No need to worry at all. Here I will make you aware regarding how to keep chickens off the porch which in turn will keep your porch or yard mess free.

Let’s move on to explore the ideas about the same.

How to Keep Chickens off the Porch?

1. Propelling the chicken away

You can drive your feathered flocks away by spraying water on them in a gentle manner with the help of the garden hose. If you don’t want to make use of water, then you can move on to other option to keep your flocks away.

In your porch, you can sprinkle the spices like black pepper, salt, garlic, paprika, curry powder and like substance which work as the strong spices. The species will serve as the chicken deterrent because they dislike the strong smell of spices.Propelling the chicken away

2. Fix the fence

You can fit the fence around your porch or yard which will act as the barrier to the entry of chickens in your patio. You can also cover the boundary with the wire cloth. The wire cloth will help you to protect your whole patch of ground from chickens where you have sown seedlings. The wire deer netting holding small holes or wire hardware cloth can also be used to provide the fence to your yard.Fix the fence

3. Build the boundary wall

Build the big boundary wall around your porch or yard so that the hatchlings do not enter the porch easily. The wall can be built of bricks or stones.Build the boundary wall

4. Train your feathered friends

You can train your chickens in what way they should behave. Apply positive or negative reinforcement to keep chickens off the porch. In negative reinforcement, you will teach your flocks that a courtyard is an unfriendly place so they should remain away from it.

In positive reinforcement, you can encourage your chicks in the approving voice that patio is not apt for them and they will be rewarded if they correctly follow your instructions. You can teach them that if they stay away from the porch, then something good will happen and they will be rewarded for following the course of action.Train your chicken

5. Provide the separate place to stay

You should provide the different location to your chickens so that they can spend their time over there instead of entering your patio. You can plant the separate garden for your chicks in which you can keep edible plants that are attractive and healthy for your flocks. If your chickens find the plants appropriate, then they can quickly nibble on the same. It would be great if you keep their different location near to the chicken coop.Provide the separate place to stay

6. Put in the unlikable herbs

It would be great if you place such types of herbs on your patio which your chickens found unpleasant. The uninvited chickens will dislike the odour of the obnoxious plants. As a result, they will not enter your yard.Put in the unlikable herbs

7. Make use of citrus peels

You can collect peels of orange, old lemon and lime and scatter around your yard. In liquid form also you can disperse the juice of the citrus fruits in the patio. The chickens display the unpleasant feeling of the smell of the citrus fruits.citrus peels

Keep your chickens off

From this informative article, you will come to know how to keep chickens out of your yard. Follow any of the points mentioned above to stay away from your chickens. All the strategies will act as the chicken deterrent which in turn will save your yard from the untidiness or disorder created by your flocks. Make sure you keep their feeder and waterer away from your yard so that they don’t create disturbance in your garden.

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