How to Keep Chicken Water Clean: Tips by Poultry Expert

How to Keep Chicken Water Clean

As we all know that summer month has started which demands special care of your precious flocks by providing clean water. To maintain the sound health of your chickens you should make available clean and fresh drinking water to your birds.

It becomes challenging for the poultry owner to maintain the drinking water of their flocks clean and hygienic as your chicks can kick straw and shavings into it or dirt may enter at any point in time.

No need to worry at all. Here I will discuss the essential points which will allow you to efficiently keep chicken water clean.

How to Keep Chicken Water Clean

1) Buy commercial waterers

You can get commercial waterer in which you can fill water in the lesser amount. On the top, it will help you to check roosting of your flocks. If you elevate it with metal base, then it will provide you better results. The use of galvanized metal will keep the water of the container clean by preventing the growth of algae.

commercial waterers

2)  Cage in the water

2” x 4” opening is enough to allow chickens to put their heads but they cannot fit their back ends. You can opt a simple solution in which to the side of the cage you can use a piece of welded wire to form the semicircle and in that allow your waterer to fit in. This cage in the water will help in keeping chicken water clean.

Cage in the water

3) Clean your watering device

On the regular basis you should clean and sanitize your watering device. You can kill harmful bacteria and viruses by making use of hydrogen peroxide that will help you in sanitization. If you possess watering device of traditional pan-style, then make sure you keep it clean frequently as it is more prone to contamination. The proper cleaning of the watering device will not allow to build up biofilm. Ensure that you clean the water tubs weekly.

Clean your watering device

4) Disallow wild birds

Make sure you prohibit the entry of wild birds in your poultry farm. The wild birds can carry disease which may cause infection to your dear feathery flocks. It would be great if you keep your birds in a closed coop and run. Keep eye on wild birds so that they don’t infect the feeder and waterer of your hatchlings.

Disallow wild birds

5) Make use of closed system watering device

The closed system poultry device will provide safety to your chicks from droppings, dirt, and litter. It makes use of chicken nipples and will not come to the direct contact of an external environment. On the other hand, the pan-style watering device gets exposed to the open air which in turn pollutes the water. So it would be great to go for closed systems rather than pan-style or open waterer device for your flocks.

closed system watering device

6) Arrange clean water

You should arrange clean and quality water in the coop for your flocks so that they can consume it to enjoy sound health. Your chicks will find municipal water safe for consumption. To remove sediment and minerals that are found in high amount in the well water you can go for filtration to make it pure and harmless for your flocks. The fresh, odorless and tasteless water will be appropriate for your precious chicks.

Arrange clean water

7) Discard contaminated water tubs

If you notice any filthy water then you can discard it immediately so that your flocks do not consume it. Be particular that you keep livestock and poultry water fresh and clean. There will be slow growth of algae if you place the water tubs and livestock buckets of the chicken in shade. At night the water in the containers should be thrown away outside and in air allow it to dry. In the morning you can refill it.

Discard contaminated water tubs

Let your flocks enjoy hygienic water

You can provide clean and fresh water to chickens by following the above-mentioned guiding principles. This article will direct you regarding how to keep chicken water clean. The clean water to your flocks will allow them to enjoy hale and hearty life. The disinfected water will keep your hatchlings away from illness.

As a poultry owner, you can put into practice all these points so that your chicks can enjoy the comfortable stay.


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