How to Help a Duck with a Hurt Leg – Answers to help your Bird quickly

How to Help a Duck with a Hurt Leg

Ducks, very unfortunately, are prone to injuries. Animal attacks and accidents are the two most common reasons. More often than not, the injury is on the leg. And, needless to say, it becomes outrageously difficult for them to endure the pain and to recuperate. As a duck owner or caretaker, there are a few steps that you can take to help your bird. In this article, we shall guide you with a few tips so that you fix the injured duck leg in no time!

How to Help a Duck with a Hurt Leg

Unless you are a veterinarian, we advise you not to take the matter in your own hands. Injured birds are very scared and stressed out. Keep your other pets and kids away while you catch the bird and transport her to the avian services. 

Catching the bird

Catching the bird

If the duck is domesticated and trusts you infinitely, he/she may let you pick him/her up, but that’s quite rare. When they are frightened and hurt, even injured animals keep to themselves. So, you may need a net to catch the bird. Be extremely gentle and steady throughout so that you don’t cause more pain. Once you catch the duck, remove the net immediately. 

Take him/her into your arms and cradle comfortingly. Place one hand around the neck and keep him/her close to your body.

After he/she calms down, we advise you to put the duck in a pet carrier or a large box. Whatever you choose, make sure it is comfortable and ventilated. Transportation can be hectic when they are injured. So, try making it as easy as possible. Make sure the carrier is in a quiet place while you wait for the vet or while you transport, based on the situation. 

Informing the vet

The moment you realize that your duck is injured, you should call the vet or avian caregiver. Describe the injury in detail, as much as you understand it. This will help the professional give you advice. For example, if the leg is bleeding, you may have to dress it after cleansing it.

Also, your duck should be under medical care as soon as possible. Do not delay this process!

Can a duck survive with a broken leg?

Can a duck survive with a broken leg?Based on the type and extent of the injury, the vet will be able to tell you if it is broken or if it was a not-very-serious injury. If it is the latter, you can heave a sigh of relief. But, if it is broken, you may need to take additional steps. At this point, it is a matter of survival.

Can a duck survive with a broken leg, though? If the injury is really bad, then maybe not. Otherwise, he/she can and will. Ducks are quite strong and can adapt quickly, but life as a one-legged bird will be extremely difficult. Weakness is a major consequence. Also, it will get very hard to find a partner, find food, and stay safe from predators. Their life span will also reduce considerably.

Having said that, you can take multiple measures to ensure that your bird is safe and comfortable despite the broken leg. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Make sure the duck doesn’t have to work hard for food. Make easily accessible.
  • Keep him/her safe by providing a comfortable shelter.
  • Make sure the feeders are always clean.
  • Keep string litter away. Fishing lines, kite strings, etc. can result in amputation. It is even more difficult for one-legged birds to steer clear of them. So, discard them immediately and be cautious never to have them in the duck’s environment.

No matter how much we take care of them, injuries happen sometimes. Along with taking all precautions to safeguard them, we should also have post-injury measures in place. This will help us act immediately and get help without ado. Any delays can cause serious problems. We hope our article serves as a guide to you going forward so that your quack-quack best friend has the best possible life! 

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