How to Heat a Chicken Coop without Electricity?: Keep Your Flocks Warm

How to Heat a Chicken Coop without Electricity

In winters the chickens feel quite uncomfortable due to chill weather which affects their body in many ways. The extreme cold weather will disturb the production of eggs, and even some chicks may fall sick too. All these situations are stressful for poultry owners and the feather flocks.

To get rid of the effects of chilly weather it is essential to heat the chicken coop so that your flocks can enjoy the comfortable and healthy stay. Some poultry owners use electric heaters to provide warmness to their dear hatchlings. It would be great if you make use of the techniques that keep your coop warm without using electricity as these ways are safe, secure and inexpensive. Here I will make you acquainted with the valuable guiding principles regarding maintaining the coops warm without power. Let’s proceed to gain the information on the same.

How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter Without Electricity?

1) Proper arrangement of sunbeams

Employ natural ways to keep your coops warm for your lovely chicks. If the large windows of the coops are fitted appropriately with the exposure to air and from where the sun rays can directly and easily reach to the coop floor, then the warmth of the sun can be trapped effortlessly. You can also use the automatic chicken coop door to let the flocks go out at particular times to take sun bath. In the course of daytime, the resources like compost floor, stone or concrete will help you in holding heat, and at night this heat will get released which in turn provide warmth to your flocks.

Proper arrangement of sunbeams

2) Look after the hygiene

Ensure that you keep the coop tidy and dry. Through poo and breathing, the chickens let out the moisture in the significant amount which results in moistness. The humid surroundings can form frostbite so to prevent this type of condition it is vital to keep coop fresh and clean.

Look after the hygiene

3) Curtail current of air

Your coop should be free from gaps from which the wind or air can easily enter the coop. Seal all the openings from where air gets the leak. The chill wind in the coop will drop the rate of warmness in the coop. If you possess the old coop, then it might get rotted with time so make sure you get it repaired with time.

Curtail current of air

4) Provision of air circulation

It is essential to have the proper setting of air circulation in the coop so that your feathery flocks can breathe properly. The appropriate arrangement of air will keep your flocks healthy and make your coop free from ammonia. If your coop possesses openings on the roof of the coop, then your hatchlings will not get direct cold air. The net vent holding the latch can be opened and closed as per the requirement.

Provision of air circulation

5) Allow your flocks to perch

The chickens will feel comfy if they sit together and their feathers fluff which in turn produce warmth. It would be great if you put up roost near about 2 feet above the ground will keep them away from the cold area.

Allow your flocks to perch

6) Corn treat

You can provide corn treat to your chickens. The whole night is required to digest the corn, so if you offer cracked corn to your flocks in the evening, then they will take the entire night to digest it which will keep their body warm in a natural way.

Corn treat

The technique of Deep Litter- In this method, the heap of manure is collected on the floor of the coop. When birds deposit wastes on the top then you can place another coating of shaving. As a result, your flocks will get the composting floor.

All these ways as mentioned above will guide you regarding how to heat a chicken coop without electricity in winters. The means are simple and natural which will provide sufficient amount of warmth to your lovely chickens.

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