How to fix a gap under a fence gate – Tips from the experts

How to fix a gap under a fence gate

You spent quite a lot of money to get a fence gate, we are sure. But, if there’s a gap under it, that gate actually serves no purpose. 

Allow us to explain this.

A fence gate is a separation that keeps intruders out including wildlife. It also ensures that your pets do not make a run for it. Natural elements can also seep through during extreme weather conditions.

Usually the natural terrain may make way for a few spaces or gaps under the fence. This is quite okay as long as the fence has been installed properly. Otherwise, your dog will be able to make it worse very easily. His curiosity will get the better of him and he will set out on an exploratory tour. 

The good news is that you can fix the gap under a fence gate quite easily. There are a few materials that can help you do the job. Let’s find out what they are:

How to fix a gap under a fence gate

The following are a few tips from the experts themselves. We have compiled them here for your convenience.


We suggest you take the opportunity to beautify the fence with some decorative stones. Choose different sizes for a nice effect and dump them along the gaps. A bow rake will help you with the spreading process. You don’t need any professional help here, which is why this idea tops the list.

Hardware cloth

Head over to the hardware store and get a hardware cloth that measures as much as the fence panel. Please be sure of the measurements before you make any purchase. Wear all the protective gear while using this cloth and get to work!

You will have to do some digging for this so make sure you have your tools handy. Excavate the area around the gap using a trenching shovel and insert the cloth. Now replace the dirt you dug and pat it down with your foot or the shovel. You can also use chicken wire or a chain-link for this purpose. 

A few homeowners prefer to lay the cloth on grass and hold it with rocks or planters. It is an excellent choice if you want to add a unique spin to the fence.

This idea works incredibly well if you have a digging, curious dog in your backyard. 


This is by far our favorite idea. Pour concrete around the fence and simply bury the fence’s bottom in it. That’s about it! Concrete is perfect for sealing gaps and discouraging diggers. It is also a very long-lasting solution. 

The only thing to remember here is that it may not be a fun DIY exercise if you are not into home improvement. However, you can simply speak to a professional to do this for you. It does not cost much.

Cedar fence picketsCedar fence pickets

Cedar is a fine choice for households that are fed up with termites and other pests. The pickets are more affordable than cedar lumber and so, you won’t have to worry about excruciating expenses. If you are choosing this method, make sure you go with a professional. It is quite tedious and is best left to experienced personnel.

Fixing a gap under a fence is not a very tedious task. As mentioned above, there are various solutions that you can choose from depending on the size of the gap and how you want your fence to look. If DIY projects don’t interest you, please hire a professional for advice and execution. All the best!

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