How to Clean and Disinfect a Chicken Coop – Top Tips

How to Clean and Disinfect a Chicken Coop

If you are planning to buy new chicks for your backyard, then you have to make preparations for your coop so that all the facilities should be provided to them for their comfortable stay. It is important to sanitize a chicken coop, especially for the chicks. These young creatures are prone to illness due to disinfection. You must be cognizant that not only chicks should be safe from bacteria but even chickens should be free from bacteria and fungi as they can pass bacteria to other chickens which will pollute the whole coop with infection and illnesses. All these situations will result in serious health issues that may even cause the death of these living beings. So it is essential to take care of these delicate beings by sterilizing the chicken coops. Now the question is how to disinfect chicken coop? To answer this question, I will provide you best guidelines so that you can take care of your coop.

How to Clean and Disinfect a Chicken Coop

  • Remove all the manure, dirt and cobwebs- Take out all the usable, throwaway and leftover items and completely drain water containers. Scrupulously sweep the coop to get rid of the filthy material. Remove manure and dirt by using the shovel. You can even scrape the floor with the help of the shovel.
  • Fumigate the coop and accessories- Among poultry, the illness spread quickly, so it is important to sanitize your chicken coop whenever you get new chickens or after the ailment of the chicken. It will be good if you disinfect your chicken once in the year to provide healthy stay to your flocks. If you find any ill bird or chicken, then keep it away from the healthy birds, in a distinct area.

To sanitize the coop accessories, you can remove the dirt and disease by sluicing the water hose. Allow the disinfectant to sit on all the items of the coop for about 30 minutes and rinse them with the water hose and then make them dry. Take out the debris and dirt from the coop.

  • Use of vinegar- Splash vinegar on the wet floor or you can mix water and white vinegar in a bucket and then spray the solution on the floor. Scrub everything with the help of the brush or broom so that vinegar solution can reach to every possible place. It acts as the disinfectant.
  • Use of Bleach- Bleach serve as the disinfectant that will kill germs and bacteria but it also contains harsh chemicals, so it will be good if you go for vinegar as they are free from dangerous chemicals.
  • Dry your coop- Rinse your coop twice or thrice to make it clean and germs free. After final rinsing, allow your coop to be dried. Open the coop doors and windows so that everything is dried out. Make the arrangement of the sunlight as it acts as the disinfectant and let fresh air gets in as it is very beneficial for the healthy state of your chickens. Plenty of aeration will allow fresh air to your chickens.

Healthy state of your chicken

The healthy and sound state of your chickens will give them immense pleasure and comfort in your backyard. Even you will get the nutritious eggs from them if they are in a healthy state. All the above mentioned will help you in deciding how to clean a chicken coop. Your lovely flocks can only be healthy if they stay in the clean and disinfectant their shelter. If you are concerned and determined to stop the spread of illness in your chicken coop, then do follow the guidelines here that are simple and will provide coziness to your chickens.

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