How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be – Know Coop and Door Size

How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be

Chickens – friends of some people and an income source for others! Whatever the purpose is; they are loved by the majority of the people on this planet. It is easy to maintain and taking care of the chickens if you have even a small backyard. You just need a comfortable coop and few facilities for the better development of chickens.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ideas available on the internet for building and improving a chicken coop. To create a chicken coop door is also an easy task. In this article, you will get the information about the perfect chicken coop door size for your beloved birds.

How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Size Be?

It is undeniable that to keep the chickens healthy, happy, and safe, you must have a clean chicken coop and a perfect sized chicken coop door. They should feel security and a sense of relief! To provide such facilities, you will have to make or buy a chicken coop door with the size of 10×10 inches.

If you have only 2 to 3 chickens with you just to have a delicious omelet every morning, you can take only 3×5 or 3×8 as chicken coop dimensions. But, then you have to create a door which is relevant to that coop size.

If you have hens as well as roosters, then you have to keep the door size higher than the others. I suggest keeping the chicken coop door 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide for the smooth movement of the rooster and some fat hens.

Chicken Coop Size

The coop has been considered as the only safety and protection for the chicken. To have a chicken coop is really a good idea because you can play and have fun with them, protect them from wild animals or your other pets like dogs, and even have the benefit of farm-fresh eggs. Those who have eaten fresh eggs must know how delicious they are compared to the market.

You can also get some grass and seeds to put in their in the coop which will provide proper nutrition to them. Apart from that, cozy nesting box is also preferable to save the eggs. But the question is how big a chicken coop should? The answer is quite simple.

  • One chicken must get minimum 600 inches of floor space and minimum 30 inches of headspace up off of the floor.
  • Many hen keepers suggest that For 4 chickens, you should have a coop of 6 by 10 feet or 6 by 15 feet. So you can calculate according to these criteria.
  • Moreover, it is essential to have proper ventilation and windows for better air circulation. Hens do not have good vision at nights. If you do not adjust windows, you may feel that the hens are not moving, taking food, or laying the eggs because of darkness.
  • If you want to put the coop inside the fence, then the outer area of the coop must be 8 square feet for one hen, so that it can easily play or run.
  • It is suggested to draw a plan with all the chicken coop dimensions before initiating the building procedure. If you plan for the snowy season, let 5 to 10 square feet per chicken.
 Needed Space Per Bird
Floor Space600 Inches
Head Space30 Inches
Overall Space5 to 10 square feet

I hope I am able to clear all the confusions regarding the ideal chicken door size. You can also buy some best automatic chicken door from the market to secure the hens from wild animals. The magic to make them feel comfortable depends on your skills. Make the most of it and have healthy, fit & fine chickens.

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