Best Egg Candler

Best Egg Candler for Testing Eggs – Reviews of 2019

What is an Egg Candler?

Egg candlers are devices used for testing eggs. Using the light from either LED or incandescent bulbs, egg candles help you check if an egg is viable or not while it is still incubating. Viable eggs are fertilized and will hatch to give birth to a chick. Egg candlers can also help in monitoring the growth of an embryo during its incubation and hence help pick out the best in the lot for hatching. The light from the bulb of the candle shines through the egg, the embryo being thicker looks darker than the yolk surrounding it and helps us see the stage of development of the egg.

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How to keep snakes out of chicken coops (1)

How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coops?: Check These Effective Ways

Snakes are scary creatures. They can be dangerous not just to us but also our animals and chickens are no exception.

If you have chicken coops, you must be very careful about snakes because they may end up eating the egg and killing your chickens. In this blog post, we are going to talk about snake infestation and how we can prevent them from creating a ruckus.

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How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens

How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens?: Train Your Pooch

Do you owe chicken and dog at your home? If both of these pets are in your home, then you must be concerned about your pooch’s training. No need to worry at all, if your four-legged friend is trying to eat your feathery flocks. Here I will let you know the effective ways regarding how to stop a dog from killing chickens which in turn will not only save the life of your precious chickens but will also keep your lovely pooch in the discipline.

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Best Vitamins for Chickens

Best Vitamins for Chickens – Get Electrolytes and Probiotics Reviews

Adding vitamins and electrolytes for chickens in their diet is a good idea but you must be careful to come to a conclusion only after assessing requirements and understanding vitamins as a whole. Environmental factors also come into play, which is why talking to an expert before making a choice is a good idea. We all know that vitamin deficiencies can cause serious problems such as poor feathering, weakness, dermatitis, lowered egg production, and anemia. Ignoring them can lead to a lot of health trouble.

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How to Make a Chicken Diaper

How to Make a Chicken Diaper?: Quickest & Easiest Way for DIY Diaper

We all have heard about the diapers, whether they are of toddlers, or the adults, or even for the dog. But have you ever heard that it is possible to dress up your chickens too, by some fancy diapers? Yes, you read it right! There are many fashionable diapers available for your chickens as nowadays; backyard farming is on the rise. Most of the people love chickens and why not! They are indeed beautiful and even the useful birds for the humans to keep.

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Chicken Stroller for Sale

Chicken Stroller for Sale: Portable, Perfect for Chickens

Are you looking for the chicken stroller for your precious flocks so that they can go along with you on walk or shopping? No doubt, the chickens’ buggy plays an essential part in providing the comfortable stay to your feathery flocks. These strollers allow them to sense fresh open air which in turn provide refreshing feeling. If your chicks are suffering from any disability or finding it hard to walk, then also these chicken strollers will prove to be a great boon for your feathery flocks.

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