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Best Egg Candler for Testing Eggs – Reviews of 2019

Best Egg Candler

What is an Egg Candler?

Egg candlers are devices used for testing eggs. Using the light from either LED or incandescent bulbs, egg candles help you check if an egg is viable or not while it is still incubating. Viable eggs are fertilized and will hatch to give birth to a chick. Egg candlers can also help in monitoring the growth of an embryo during its incubation and hence help pick out the best in the lot for hatching. The light from the bulb of the candle shines through the egg, the embryo being thicker looks darker than the yolk surrounding it and helps us see the stage of development of the egg.

Where does this come from?

The term ‘egg candling’ comes from the practice of checking the development of an egg using a candle’s light. Using a candle for candling used to be the practice when electricity was not commonplace. Now, however, the candling is done using small bulbs to avoid damaging the embryo inside the egg and monitor it at the same time. LED bulbs also are cheaper and last longer. They than incandescent bulbs which keeps the embryo safe from any harm that can be caused by high temperature. There are many types of candlers in the market that cater to different needs. We have compiled a list of a few candlers on sale in the market and compared them for your benefit.

Best Egg Candler 

1)  Magic fly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester

Magicfly Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler TesterThis is the first item on our list because of its high popularity amongst customers. Though it needs to be plugged in, making it’s range limited, the quality of the product is high enough for it to be preferred over others.

  • High lumen egg candler for bright light
  • Super cool LED light to produce zero heat.
  • Very easy to use with a simple switch to operate
  • Long electric cable to allow mobility while keeping the device plugged in
  • Built to be durable and sturdy
  • Rubber ring helps channel light properly into egg
  • Useful egg candler for dark eggs as well


2) Magicfly Battery Operated Egg Candler Tester

Magicfly Battery Operated Egg Candler TesterThis product is the same as the product above except this is battery operated, making it portable.

  • Supports battery as the power supply
  • Needs 3AA batteries
  • Can be used on large farms as it can be carried around
  • Built to be durable and sturdy
  • Rubber ring helps channel light properly into an egg.


3) Titan Incubators High-Intensity Egg Candler for All Egg Types

Titan Incubators High-Intensity Egg Candler for All Egg TypesThough this candler is not as popular as the ones before, it is useful for its versatility. This is a valuable candler worth buying if you have different types of eggs to the candle. It is also portable.

  • Usable with all types of eggs: French Marans, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Exotics and Rhea
  • Uses 4AA batteries for functioning
  • Separate egg rests for different sized eggs
  • Stable and sturdy design
  • Not heavy and not bulky
  • Very good for dark eggs as well
  • Works even with eggs as small as quail eggs
  • Eggs stay safe on the candler, allowing a 360° view.


4) OvaScope High-Intensity Egg Candler

OvaScope High-Intensity Egg CandlerOvaScope, though a bit more on the expensive side, is value for money as it does its work properly as well as works for longer.

  • Suitable for thick-shelled eggs
  • Darker, mottled eggs can be tested using this
  • High lumen LED bulb to ensure no replacing of bulbs.
  • Maintenance cost is low.
  • No overheating of eggs
  • Countertop design makes it stable.
  • Powered by batteries
  • Allows a 360° view due to its sturdy design


5) OvaView High-Intensity Egg Candler

OvaView High-Intensity Egg CandlerThis is made by the same company as OvaScope, and the specialty of this model is the compact size. It is small and light enough for you to carry in your coat pocket.

  • Designed so that it is stable on a counter
  • Operated on batteries
  • Portable so it can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Can accommodate eggs of any size
  • High intensity LED light ensures dark and mottled eggs can be tested.
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive which reduces microbial growth by 99.9% and is 100% safe for the chicken and humans


6) EL100 Multifunction Farm Grade Rechargeable Egg Candler

EL100 Multifunction Farm Grade Rechargeable Egg Candler

A bright and durable candler for your eggs, this model is a great choice because it is not just a candler. It also charges your phone using its built-in power bank. Talk about

  • Produces 320 lumens light
  •  Low heat light
  • Detachable hands-free base
  • Egg Candler flashlight with dimming mode
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy which means it is lightweight and both dust and rust resistant
  • Long lasting USB rechargeable battery
  • Eggs fit well, and structure is heavy duty


7) Incu-Bright Cool Light Egg Candler

Incu-Bright Cool Light Egg CandlerDifferent from the others, this is a candler which looks like a pen and is as small as a pen. If you have too much equipment to carry, this can easily be put in your pocket.

  • Universal rubber ring to use with all egg sizes
  • Ultra-Bright CREE LED light to view darker and larger eggs.
  • Recessed bulb to allow candler to cradle egg better on the rubber ring
  • Cordless (battery powered)
  • Cool light prevents damage by overheating of eggs during the observation


Things to Remember

Other things to keep in mind while growing eggs is your choice of the incubator. Eggs should be incubated at the perfect temperature with the right humidity. For this, several other types of equipment should be bought along with an egg candler. And some different kinds of equipment are needed for after your eggs are hatched, and you have chicks to take care of. These are:

● Incubator

● Hatch Monitor

● Hygrometer

● Chick Brooder

Get these products for successful breeding! Don’t forget to leave us some feedback in the comment section below!

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