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Best Chicken Feeder to Prevent Waste | Buy No Waste Feeder for Chicken

Best Chicken Feeder

To feed your dear flocks healthily and adequately is challenging task. If you want to stay away from mess or wastage which results due to feeding process of your chicks, then you must go for the chicken feeder. You can place the chicken feeder near the coop or anywhere in the yard.

The automatic chicken feeder will provide you mess-free environment. Whatever bird you own you can efficiently deliver feed to your loving chick by making use of these chicken feeders. The feeder will prevent the wastage of nutritious food so you can make it available to your flocks.

In this post, I will provide you the list of chicken feeders that will help in preventing the wastage of food. You can choose any of the product of your choice and convenience so that your flocks can adequately enjoy the nutritious food.

Best Chicken Feeder to Prevent Waste

1. Harris Farms Poultry Feeder

Harris Farms Poultry Feeder

This is the plastic hanging poultry feeder by Harris Farms. Your flocks can enter into this feeder conveniently and can enjoy their food with full pleasure. You will find it a quality product. In this feeder, you can quickly add food.

  • It is made up of plastic which gives the feeling of sturdiness.
  • You can easily hang it and fill it effortlessly.  
  • You will come to know the quantity of the feed from outside of the plastic as it is translucent.
  • With the help of the string, you can hang the feeder at the top by making use of the metal handle.
  • The top remains open, and the chickens are not able to scratch out the feed due to the proper design of the base.
  • It holds the twist-lock which will provide significant convenience. The size of this feeder is 7 pounds.

If you are looking for the best chicken feeder to prevent waste, then this product is perfect for your flocks. You can make use of it simply and easily. Just unscrew it for quick cleaning. So washing becomes easy by detaching it. It will save your money on food by avoiding the wastage of nutrients. Let your flocks enjoy this well made and useful feeder.


2. Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Trough

Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Trough

Ware Manufacturing provides chicken feeder through which is made up of galvanized steel. You can feed your feathery flocks in this feeder. This bird feeder holds the dimensions of 15.75” W x 5.12” D x 3.94” H. Your flocks will not struggle for the feedstuff because of the big slots which will allow them to eat peacefully.

  • This medium sized feeder holds the design of spill reduction.
  • The chickens will not poop in the food and won’t be allowed to climb on the top.
  • It is suitable for all chicken food types.
  • The chicken food will not fall from the feeder because of the wire scratch guard.

If you want to check the wastage of food, then you can make use of this feeder for your chicks. The wire scratch guard will provide safety to the eatables. It is made up of sturdy materials which will allow it to work in harshest weather conditions. It will solve your spillage problem.


3. PestOff Chicken Feeder kit

PestOff Chicken Feeder kit

This chicken feeder kit is put forward by the PestOff. This is the new product which holds the capacity of 8lbs. The manufacturers of this automatically rat proof and pest proof chicken feeder offer you guarantee. You don’t have to make use of rat poison as this kit will serve you efficiently.

  • Being vermin proof, it will not only protect from rats but also from mouse and large birds.
  • It is the automatic pest proof feeder in which you don’t require any setting to adjust. It will allow chickens feed due to the spring loaded feeding ports.
  • It is meant for 4-6 hens per feeder in which you don’t have to refill persistently and does not require feed clogging. It holds the capacity of 4 lts/8.00 lbs.
  • This weatherproof food feeder is made up of non-rust stainless steel and food grade materials. Layers pellets, dried mealworms, crumbles, mixed corn and many more can be served in this feeder.
  • The distinct anti-spill design will result in less wastage of food.
  • There will be a reduced amount of amassing and beating action due to its exclusive design.
  • In food, you will not find pests excretion that may lead to disease and chicken wipeouts.
  • This poultry feeder is easy to clean in your chicken coop and fill. You can easily hang it by making use of carrying handle.

PestOff chicken feeder kit is hygienic which will make your feeding task easy and simple. You will get the total money back if you are not satisfied with the product. The guarantee of the manufacturer will provide you peace of mind.


4. Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpa's Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpa’s Feeders provides automatic poultry feeder that can hold onto 6-12 chickens conveniently. It has the potential to save your money as it serves as the no waste chicken feeder. Your flocks will not be able to throw food from this feeder due to the built-in anti-flick grill.

  • In the harshest outdoor conditions, it can work efficiently due to the high quality galvanized steel finish.
  • It will keep away the chicken feed from rats, mice and wild birds. On demand, it will provide fodder to your flocks.
  • It features the tread plate on which your flocks can stand to enjoy feedstuff. This facility is provided due to side guards.
  • Has the capacity to hold 20 lbs feed. For ten days you can feed near about six chickens.

You can rely on this poultry feeder as it is built to last. For over twenty years this bird feeder is serving. When your flocks are hungry, then it will help your birds to access their food. At once, all your chickens can enjoy eating by making use of this feeder. Smaller flocks near about 12, pheasants and chickens all can be set in the standard size of this feeder.


5. Voilamart Automatic Poultry Feeder

Voilamart Automatic Poultry Feeder

On demand, you can feed your backyard chickens by making use of this Voilamart automatic chicken coop poultry feeder. It is made up of rust-proof aluminum and comes in silver color which you can easily assemble.

  • Near about 11lb/4.7 kg of feed can be kept in this large size feeder.
  • Mechanically the lid can be opened with the help of 500 grams’ weight.
  • The mice, rats, and birds will not steal or spoil the poultry feedstuff.
  • From rain, you can protect the precious feed due to its water-resistance property.
  • The dimensions of this feeder are 21” L x 7” W x 3.35” H.
  • It holds the auto treadle self-opening which will make the feeding task easy for your hatchlings.

If you prefer the safe way of feeding for your flocks, then you can make use of this food feeder. Let your chickens enjoy this durable feeder that requires low maintenance.


6. Automatic Chicken Feeder by Youzee

Automatic Chicken Feeder by Youzee

This chook feeder is automatic and presented by Youzee. Your chickens will experience feeding task effortless by making use of this self-feeder. The reasonably accurate dimensions of this feeder are 56 x 36 x 18.5 cm. It is apt for bantams.

  • The feed will remain clean and fresh in this feeder. The weight of 500 grams opens the lid of this self-feeder.
  • It will check the entry of wild birds, rats, and mice. The rain will not cause any harm to this feed because of its water resistance feature.
  • It will save your costs on feed. Now you don’t have to face the issue of wasted or stolen feed.
  • Just take out and polish the protective film which is covered on the feeder.
  • In the enormous capacity, approximately 4.7kg of feed is found.  With low maintenance, you can make use of this feeder for your flocks.

Your hatchlings can comfortably make use of this piece of the feeder as it is sturdy and secure. Make use of this aluminum made the feeder for your precious chicks as it can keep the pests at bay. You can easily assemble this feeder which will allow your chickens to save their food from stealing feed.


7. Automatic Treadle Feeder – For Chickens and Other Poultry by RentACoop

Automatic Treadle Feeder

RentACoop provides automatic treadle feeder for your flocks. It will serve as the waste-free chicken feeder in which you can accumulate near about 9+ hens along with the feed of 44 pounds. This automatic chicken feeder is free from trouble.

  • Save the feed of your flocks from rats, mice, squirrels and other types of wild animals.
  • The watertight quality will keep it dry so your chicks can comfortably consume the feed.
  • You will find the design tremendous and the metal used to make this feeder is rust proof.

By making use of this feeder, you can guard the feed of your hatchlings from wild birds. You can keep the feeder as per your convenience as the feed will not get damp. You will find it easy feeder. Now you don’t have to face an issue of mice, rats, and squirrels. Let your chicks enjoy the dry food bone.


Comparison of Chicken Feeder

 Harris Farms Poultry Feeder
PestOff Chicken Feeder kit
Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder
Voilamart Automatic Poultry Feeder
Automatic Chicken Feeder by Youzee
Automatic Treadle Feeder
Material Type
Non Rust Stainless Steel
Galvanised Steel and Alloy
Rust Proof Metal
7 lbs
8 lbs
20 lbs
11 lbs
10 lbs
44 lbs
White, Green
Red, White, Silver
Galvanized Steel
Green, Silver
Item Dimensions
9.58 x 10.96 x 10.96 in
15.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 in
12.5 x 17 x 11.5 in
23.2 x 10.9 x 9.6 in
22x14.17x7.28 in
13.4 x 9.1 x 26 in

Types of Chicken Feeders

There are many types of chicken feeders available in the market very quickly depending on the budget, the number of chickens you want to feed at the same time, size, etc. I am going to list down all the essential types of feeders for every budget type down below to help all the readers to decide which feeder to buy:

  • Open feeder: This feeder is like a homemade feeder that is likely to fit in all budgets as you have to keep a bowl or bucket after filling it with chicken food for feeding your chickens. However, there are chances of spillage and waste more in this type of feeder than compared to the other feeders.
  • Basic chicken feeder: It is the most common type of feeder that is readily available. It comes in the bell shape and is made up of a UV resistant plastic. This feeder also comes in many sizes to choose from. There are small sizes and even the larger ones that can hold up to 20 kgs of the chicken food. The feeder comes in the affordable range.
  • Trough feeder: This type of feeder comes in a variety of sizes and can be fixed in the area where you feed your chickens. It allows multiple chickens to feed at the same time. As it is enclosed in the area the issue of spillage will be minimal. If you a lot of chickens on your farm then this feeder is the best choice.
  • Treadle chicken feeder: Treadle chicken feeder is also one of the suitable options available if you have many chickens on your farm. It is made up of metal, and many chickens can eat at a single time. However, it comes more in an expensive range for the feeders.
  • PVC tube chicken feeder: This type of feeder is perfect if you are looking for preventing spillage and contamination. A single chicken can use this tube-shaped feeder at a given time and as one chicken can only use it at a time, you will have to buy more feeders for more chickens. It is best suited for a small flock of chickens.

Buy no waste chicken feeder

If you are a chicken farmer, then the waste-free chicken feeder will make your life comfortable. By making use of the best chicken feeder to prevent waste, you can easily provide the nutritive benefits of feedstuff to your flocks.

Make sure that before finalizing any chicken feeder product you should go through the features in detail. Buy durable and water resistant feeder. The size should be apt in which you can take care of your chicks and let them to enjoy their foodstuff.

In case you are planning to go out for few days then the chicken feeder will be boon for you and your flocks. By keeping food in the feeder, you can move out stress-free. In your absence, your flocks can consume feed from the feeder. The feeder will prevent the wastage of nutritious food so you can make it available to your hatchlings.

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